A Mei Tai is a soft carrier tied with long straps. It has a body panel supporting the child, with two long shoulder straps and a soft belt that ties around the wearer’s waist. It is made from soft, natural, breathable fabrics such as cotton, cord or linen and hugs the baby’s body in its natural position, so ensuring secure support for the spine and joints.

Pathi’s carriers are like no others – literally! Our products incorporate all the qualities of a traditional mei tai, but each one is custom designed to suit the tastes of the individual customer. Let your imagination run wild and create a design to go on your own carrier, and we will make it for you! We have quite a lot of experience, as you can see from our gallery and comments page.


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MT – comfort and convenience


Unlike most other popular baby carriers on the market, in a soft carrier the baby’s weight is distributed evenly across both your shoulders and hips, which is more comfortable (your child isn’t “hanging” from just your shoulders) – in fact, your child doesn’t actually seem so heavy. The child’s whole body is in contact with the wearer, which is both comfortable and comforting for her. It also keeps her developing spine in its naturally curved shape because the soft material doesn’t force it into an unnatural position. The child’s legs are held wide apart, which is important for the correct development of her hip joints.


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The mei tai is convenient for all kinds of everyday situations, from going out for a walk to simply getting things done around the house when the baby doesn’t want to be put down;) It is also fantastic for taking on holiday. It’s quick and easy to put on (takes about 30 seconds).

 Always wear your child facing your body. A mei tai can be used on your front or on your back. A front carry is especially good when your baby is younger, because it allows you constant eye contact, meaning you can help her get to sleep when she’s tired, cuddle her when she’s upset, and reassure her when she’s startled.

 For older children the back carry is usually better. The intrepid toddler gets to see the world from a height that’s usually out of bounds, while you can get all your errands done without the need for a pushchair – steps, narrow passageways, thresholds magically lose their power to frustrate! On holiday, too, with your baby safely on your back, you can see all the sights, not just the ones accessible by stroller.

 Both front and back positions allow baby to nap peacefully whenever it all gets too much…


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For extra comfort for the wearer, both the top and bottom straps are padded where they lie on the shoulders and hips. This ensures that they don’t “dig in”, and helps to spread the weight of the baby more evenly. The baby’s head rest is also padded, making it stronger and softer, and giving more support to the younger baby’s head.


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The photos above show the padded head rest, which is designed to support a sleeping baby’s head in a front carry (the press studs visible on the outside of the head rest are to attach the hood, an optional extra attachment to support the child’s head for naps during a back carry). The pictures below show the stitching that also features around the top sides of the body panel on all Pathi carriers. As well as looking nice, this stitching also gives extra reinforcement at the points where the shoulder straps are sewn into the carrier body.


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The above photographs show the straps on a Pathi carrier. They are padded with resilient, crush-proof upholstery material along part of their length to provide extra comfort even when carrying heavy kids. All the straps on all our carriers have this decorative stitching, in a colour that complements the body panel design.

 As an optional extra to your mei tai or soft carrier you can order a detachable hood designed to support your child’s head when asleep. It isn’t absolutely vital – your baby will be able to nap quite comfortably without one – but some people find it does make longer trips with a sleeping baby easier. You fasten the hood on with the press studs as and when needed, pass the side strings under the shoulder straps from the outside, and tie them on the other side. This stabilises the child’s head and stops it flopping backwards or sideways when asleep.


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Another optional extra is this convenient pouch that can be attached to the waistband (also with press studs), designed to hold essentials such as keys, mobile phone and wallet.


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What age children is the mei tai suitable for?


 Mei tais are suitable for carrying children that can sit up unaided (over 6 months). They can be used up to 2 years and even beyond, if parents still need and want to carry heavier children. They are useful for older children on longer trips to help when little legs get tired.


Sizes of mei tai


In terms of the wearer, the mei tai is a one-size-fits-all carrier. It is fastened by knotting the straps, so it can be adjusted to the wearer’s figure. Only if it is to be worn by someone very petite or with an extremely full figure do I adjust the length of the waistband and shoulder straps to suit the client.

 I make the body panel individually for every carrier, on the basis of the child’s weight, age and height. When you place an order with me, I will ask you for this information. If you decide to buy a readymade carrier, check the size of carrier you are interested in very carefully.


How we make our carriers safe


Our mei tais are made with the utmost attention to safety! We use only strong, good quality fabrics, and the best threads on the market.

We make every effort to ensure that all our carriers are sturdy and durable. Underneath the outer layer of material there is an inner core, and the straps are sewn into this first. Extra reinforcement is added at the places where the straps are sewn into the inner layer of the body. Finally, we sew on the outer layers, and strengthen these with quilting. Parts of the carrier subject to particular tension are reinforced with several rows of stitching. Used properly, there is no danger of mechanical damage to our carriers. Children carried in Pathi products are completely safe.


Some places a stroller just won’t take you…


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