Mei Tai Carriers

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 A Mei Tai is a soft carrier tied with long straps. It has a body panel supporting the child, attached to which are two long shoulder straps and a soft belt that ties around the wearer’s waist. It is made from soft, natural, breathable fabrics such as cotton, cord or linen. They hug the baby’s body in its natural position, so ensuring secure support for the spine and joints.

The Mei Tai originated in Asia, but in recent times it has become increasingly popular in the West. It combines convenience and comfort for the wearer with the secure snugness that babies need.



    Soft Carriers

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 Soft (unstructured) carriers are easy to use – they fasten with safety buckles and replicate as far as possible the ergonomic features of Asian carriers such as the mei tai.

Without the long straps that the mei tai has, the ideal fit of the carrier to the baby’s body and the babywearer is slightly compromised, but it is nevertheless a good solution for those who dislike knotted babycarriers.

There is also the option of a “hybrid” or “half-buckle” carrier, which incorporates a waistband fastened with a clip buckle and the long shoulder straps of the mei tai.

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    Accessories, etc.


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 When you come to order your mei tai or carrier, it is worthwhile thinking about whether you want any of the optional extras that we make to go with them: a hood, a handy pouch, or a bag for your carrier.

- The hood fastens onto the body of the carrier with press studs.

- It is designed to support your baby’s head when asleep. Especially useful for older children over 1 year (carried on the back). Smaller babies worn in a front carry are supported by the headrest.

- The pouch is a convenient way to carry odds and ends such as your wallet, phone, and keys. On the mei tai it can be attached to the waistband when needed, while on the soft carrier it buckles on, also at the waistband.

- You can also order a matching bag to carry your mei tai in when you’re not using it.