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Whether you’re an old hand at babywearing, or just beginning to explore the world of baby carriers, I hope this site is for you :)


I’ve been passionate about Mei Tais ever since I first carried my own baby in one :)
It was this experience that helped me to create my own brand, Pathi, when I decided that sewing custom-designed Mei Tais was what I wanted to do. Our carriers are synonymous with security, comfort and convenience – and how they look depends entirely on you :)

Have a look around my site: read about the carriers themselves, browse through pictures of work I’ve already done in the _Gallery_ section, and then, if you decide to place an order, send me an e-mail to the address on the _Contact_ page.

As the _Gallery_ is not currently being updated (it does not have any photographs of any of the work I’ve done over the past year), for now I include a link to my Picasa album, which has (nearly) all the photos :) Take a peek:

Mei Tai - my producs


Hope to hear from you,